Recognizing the HME industry's Best and Brightest Providers

Jeff Hall (pictured on left) of Reliable Medical accepts the 2014 First Place award.

Jeff Hall (pictured on left) of Reliable Medical accepts the 2014 First Place award.

If you have never applied for an HME Excellence Award, you should do so. In the competitive HME market (a market that is getting more and more competitive), a company needs every advantage. You need to outshine the competition, and an HME Excellence Award will help you do that. This award provides third-party validation that your company is doing it right.

If you have an HME Excellence award under your belt and your competitors do not, you've got a legitimate and significant advantage. You can be sure that referral sources will notice.

In short, the HME Excellence Awards seek to identify the nation's premier providers of home medical equipment, home respiratory therapy and rehab supplies.

Judges evaluate company performance in the following categories: financial, community involvement, staffing and quality control.

All company information remains confidential.

As they say, by nominating your company, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Deadline: June 17

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Testimonials "We were honored to win the national award for Best HME Provider by the industry's largest informant. Since winning the award, we have marketed the title given via radio, digital signs, and in-store print advertising. We feel very proud to carry this title... the reason we feel we were awarded, is because of the mission of Alpine—which is to support and give back to our customers, our employees, and our community... It has been a great experience touting our newly acclaimed title of Best HME Provider in the nation."

- 2011 Best HME Provider, Jay Broadbent, president, Alpine Home Medical Equipment, Salt Lake City, UT

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